Thursday, October 14, 2010

More New Items

I've been busy outdoors the past couple of days but I did get some of the photos I took this past weekend uploaded into the store.

I took this photo as the sun was setting on the Hoover Trail in Morning Sun, Iowa on Sat. evening. I know Teasel is a weed but I thought it was pretty as the sun was setting. It used to be used in floral arrangements and they say that is how it spread as a weed.

I took this during the fall festival in Bentonsport, Iowa.

A pumpkin I decorated for autumn with glitter.

A soybean Give Thanks To The Farmers, Happy Thanksgiving Card from a photo I took as the sun was setting on a soybean field.

I was also happy to see someone from Belle Plaine, Iowa purchased one of my newest posters in the store. Thanks to the buyer!

Soybeans at Sunset print
Soybeans at Sunset by angelandspot
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I have one of the last Farmers Markets of the year tonight. I counted up and after tonight between the two markets I go to I'll only have 4 more nights at Farmers Markets until next year. Hopefully since the weather is so nice lots of people will be out at the market but I also know that a lot of the farmers are still busy bringing in the harvest and so that means that they are too busy to make it to the market. I made a few more collages yesterday that will be available for sale at the Farmers Markets. Maybe if I am lucky I will sale some more items at the markets this year. Well I better get busy I need to take some photos of some vintage bird cards I got at an antique store recently and also work on my store some before the market tonight. I'm going to leave a bit early and also check out a book sale before the market. Maybe there will be some great bargains there. I'd love to find a few more vintage children's books with chickens in them.

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Great gift ideas. Those are great