Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Several New Cards

Several new cards have just been approved to go live for sale at my card store. There are more waiting in line so there should be even more new cards added later this week and on into next week as well.

Here are some of the newest ones in the store.

Frog Humor

Inside it reads: I was going to kiss the frog but I wasn't sure he would turn out to be the right prince for me.

I'd rather be single than end up with the wrong prince.

A blank inside frog so you can say anything you would like.

A pumpkin I decorated with gold glitter. Happy Thanksgiving card.

Pretty Daisies, Hello

Grunge Daisies

There are other new cards as well. I have one of the last Farmers Markets of the season tonight. It is the last one for this town that I go to on Tues. nights. I'm taking my camera with me in case there is something interesting or beautiful to photograph. It sure is windy out there today.

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