Monday, November 1, 2010

An Amazing Day

What an amazing day it has been. I woke up this morning and upon checking my email found a notification that I sold 150 of this card of Tommy. Woot!

Then in came some more sales.


Horse postcard
Horse by angelandspot
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Went to run some errands and came back to another sale. Wow!

Congratulations Birds postcard
Congratulations Birds by angelandspot
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and last but not least

I thank you all so much who have made a purchase from my store. Thank you! Thank you!

I'm going to work on adding some new products to the store soon. I took some photos of some abandoned places yesterday and have some more digital artworks to add as well. I even have some ATC sized mixed media artworks to scan as well. I've been busy creating. Soon there will be new items in the store.

I hope you have an amazing week! I'll try to blog some more later this week.

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