Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Ideas~ Barn Posters, Wizard of Oz, and some Vintage Tees

Screen printing

It's time to shop for the holidays. Here are some wonderful gift ideas. Everyone loves posters. How about these beautiful barn and vintage posters available over on Zazzle.

I love almost all of the Iowa barn posters I found on Zazzle. Some other barns showed up when I searched for only Iowa barns but I tried to read the image titles and descriptions to make sure that I only showed Iowa barns on this post.

I love vintage tees. Here are some of the lovely tees I found on a search at Zazzle that I myself would love to own.

Tinman in Love shirt
Tinman in Love by tartanphoenix
Browse other t-shirt designs made on

Ok, I think that is plenty for now. I hope you find something you like. I picked out designs I myself would buy for gifts or myself.

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