Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope your Holiday Was Merry

I hope that your holiday weekend was merry. We had a white Christmas here.

I took this photo of Comet just as the snow started to fall on Christmas eve.

I also took this photo and then added grunge textures to it. I know it is too late to sale this year but maybe next year someone will buy it.

I'm hoping to take more photos of the snow before it melts later this week. I've also been working on doing some more digital art using vintage images. Here are a few of the newest additions to the store. These use vintage bird images and various textures.

I wanted to share with you today some of the products in firstnightdesign's Store at Zazzle, which is one of my favorite Zazzle stores. There are so many beautiful designs in this store.

Here are a couple of my faves.

And then here is a slideshow featuring some of the popular designs in that store.

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