Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Necklaces

I seem to be on a bird theme right now. I love birds. I've added several new necklaces to my Zazzle store in the past few days and they all seem to have birds on them since apparently I am on a bird theme right now. I didn't plan to be on a bird theme it just happened. Okay, so on to the necklaces.

A Vintage hummingbird I digitally altered to remove the Christmas greeting so it could be used for any day and then also added one of my own textures to.

A vintage sparrow with a vintage handwritten background. The background is used with thanks to Paper Digital Art and ImagesbyKim.

A vintage parrot with my own textures digitally added.

Vintage birds with vintage ledger paper

Vintage Barn Swallows with a vintage ad

I also have one that can be anything you want it to be. All you need to do is add you own photo or artwork.

It's fun to design on a smaller scale to create these necklaces. It's also not as messy to get creative and design as the handmade OOAK necklaces I was making during the summer to sale at the farmers markets. Some days I would have beads, vintage findings, wire, ect. scattered all over the place as I was designing and making those necklaces.

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