Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pillows and Hand Towels

Zazzle has added more new products to their line. I have added a few of them to my store recently. I'll add more at a later date as I can only get so much done with only an hour a day on the computer at the library. For now I have added some new pillows to my store. I've started with horses but will add other designs as well.

I also have some new hand towels in the store. I have Keep Calm Carry On and horse designs so far but also will add more designs later.

I've also added some more images to canvas.

I'll add more canvas to my store soon as well. Hopefully sometime in the near future I can either get my computer fixed or get a new computer and get back to creating art. Right now I am using designs I have already made and adding them to items that they were not already on in the store such as the new pillows, towels, and canvas at Zazzle.

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