Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward

Well, our clocks moved forward an hour yesterday. It feels like spring is almost here. My tulips are just starting to pop out of the ground and after the rain overnight the grass has really greened up.

I'm still slowly adding new items to my stores as I Keep Calm and Carry On. Eventually I will get a computer at home again and not have to rely on the library computers.

I'm hoping to take some new photos here soon. I'm sure the horses will be mud balls after the rain. They sure do love to roll in the mud after a nice rain.

This was a friend's mare I photographed last fall and digitally altered the photo.

The birds are all coming back for spring as well. I had robins, doves, sparrows, and more at the bird feeder today. I put some stale bread out and the Robin was loving it.

Maybe I will get some bird photos through the living room window someday soon.

Think Spring!

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