Friday, September 10, 2010

Abandoned House

I took some photos of an abandoned house I found on a rural gravel road the other day.

I took this one a few weeks ago at the same house.

Since my visit before and my visit a few days ago it appeared someone had broken into the house and the abandoned trailer home next door. I don't trespass to take my photos. They were taken from the street but I guess other people so trespass to take photos, steal, vandalize, ect.

There were some old grain bins with trees growing in them at the abandoned farmstead.

It was really the wrong time of day to take photos of the bins as there is a sun glare. I guess I could have trespassed onto the property to take the photo from a different angle not facing the sun but I did not wish to trespass. Maybe someday I will find an abandoned house and will be able to ask the property owner for permission to take photos inside the house as well.

Here is one of the trailer home next door. Someone had left all the doors and windows open.

A few weeks ago when I drove past all the doors and windows were closed but it was too dark to take any photos as the sun had just set.

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